How our straightening delivers real value

With an array of proprietary straightening processes, Vestshell produces castings of unequaled precision, remarkable premium tolerances and unique process repeatability. But how?


Our specialized techniques begin in our tool and die shop, where we design and build fixtures incorporating features based on 40 years of straightening experience. The castings are then manipulated at high pressures. When these complex operations are complete, the resultant castings are consistently straight, flat, square, round or concentric within a most precise tolerance band.

Should the casting require subsequent hardening, conventional engineering wisdom would anticipate major dimensional distortion to take place. At Vestshell, the casting may need only small readjustment to move its features into a nominal condition. It is a minor operation only because the casting underwent the appropriate straightening process prior to the final heat treat.


Many special steel alloys, when processed in a normal manner, tend to crack or spring back to the distorted pre-straightened condition . . . confounding many investment casters. For these alloys with special needs, conventional fixtured straightening operations have proven inadequate since they don’t overcome the "memory" of the material. For these demanding alloys, Vestshell has pioneered complex processing regimes that address each alloy’s unique challenges. The results are consistency in performance and a dimensional stability well within the designer’s tolerance band.


While Vestshell’s proprietary processes may sometimes increase unit costs, our customers extol the time and cost savings gained from:

  • Machinability – Thanks to our proprietary processes, castings produced at Vestshell don’t exhibit a "memory" which can cause castings to spring out of tolerance once machining stresses come into play.

  • Close Tolerances – Vestshell’s straightening capability enables customers to select key characteristics for special attention and remarkably tight tolerances. This eliminates the need for many expensive secondary operations by having the opportunity to specify "near-net-shape" casting configurations.

  • Process Repeatability – Vestshell delivers dimensional consistency within a narrow tolerance band, reducing or eliminating downstream costs in casting designs.

  • Design Assistance – No one understands the benefits of our unique capabilities better than the craftsmen at Vestshell. Early involvement of these skilled people to assist in feature design and tolerance application can avoid many costly redesigns of castings and tooling as well as unforeseen integration difficulties further into the manufacturing process.

It’s a simple equation! Vestshell’s unique straightening capability delivers outstanding bottom line value... and adds up to an extensive list of longstanding customer relationships.


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