ISO 9001 & AS9100

In December 2005 Vestshell achieved ISO-9001 accreditation as a response the constantly evolving requirements of our customers.

In January of 2009 Vestshell Inc was audited, and in March of 2009 was accredited and registered as a manufacturer compliant with the stringent demands of AS9100. During the same audit visit Vestshell was again certified to ISO-9001.

Our customers have always been generous with help and advice. They remain a source of help and information about what Vestshell Inc. should do to maintain our reputation as a responsive supply partner. Most important is the hard work, imagination and integrity of our employees who are responsible for this achievement.

The management thanks all of Vestshell’s employees for their commitment to and support of this recent achievement. This accomplishment, we believe, will serve to make Vestshell more successful as we proceed with our ambition to be our customers “foundry of choice”.

Below please see our registration certificate from NSF-ISR

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