Here's what we can do for you

With our unique partnering of experience, technology and artistry, we can provide you with these capabilities and benefits, which promise an investment casting value second-to-none:

In-house services


Rapid prototypes

  • Using sintered wax patterns

  • Using S.L.A. patterns

  • Using polycarbonate patterns

  • Utilizing a supplied CAD file


Design assistance

  • Technical design assistance at casting concept stage

  • Concurrent engineering

  • CAD capability for tool design interface

Freedom of design

  • Compound radii

  • Undercuts

  • Weight reduction holes

  • Thin wall castings

  • Deep cores

Generous size and weight ranges

  • Castings from 0.250 inch to 40 inches square

  • Castings weighing less than 1 ounce

  • Clusters weighing more than 300 pounds

Specialized market capabilities

  • Surgical and diagnostic tools for medical applications with rigid specification and cosmetic appeal requirements

  • Castings for the prosthesis market, with cast features and high dimensional repeatability expectations

  • Weight-sensitive airborne applications, including thin-wall castings with strict N.D.T. controls

  • Aircraft engine applications with strict alloy, design, quality and value specifications

  • Nuclear code castings to support the quality and traceability needs of the nuclear industry

Industry-leading tolerances

Complete ferrous alloy selection

  • Carbon steels and low-alloy steels

  • Austenitic stainless steels

  • Martensitic stainless steels

  • Precipitation hardening steels

  • Tool steels Nickel and cobalt base alloys

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