Satisfying(and impressing) in medical markets

Unsurpassed product integrity. This is the demand of the medical and surgical equipment marketplace. At Vestshell, our utilization of best manufacturing practices and processes has earned us, not only a superior reputation in this demanding marketplace, but also the unwaveringly loyalty of lifelong customers.


We attribute our success in the medical equipment marketplace to our vast experience in delivering the process quality demanded by our aerospace and defense customers. For many years, we have applied that knowledge and skill to castings for the medical and surgical equipment markets. We utilize certified material, best manufacturing practices and our unrivaled command of the investment casting process to help our medical and surgical customers meet and surpass their strict surface and dimensional targets.


How has Vestshell satisfied a marketplace where so many have found failure and frustration? The secret lies in our specialized process and control tools and techniques, including . . .

  • Aluminum wax pattern molds for excellent surface finish and detail reproduction

  • Fully automatic wax molds where design or quantities demand, providing repeatable detail reproduction

  • Ceramic shell composition to deliver fine surface finishes of 80-90 RMS, versus industry-standard of 125 RMS

  • Hardened tool steel straightening fixtures for industry-leading tolerances

  • In-process dimensional inspection for cost savings

  • Exact control of metal preparation and pouring temperature for precise casting details

  • Statistical Process Control at critical process points for reduced costs

  • Cleaning, handling and packaging techniques including surface treatments and individual packaging when requested

  • Custom quality plans to satisfy customer requirements

Only when the investment casting is manufactured from a process of integrity will the resultant part reflect the appropriate quality demanded by the sophisticated medical and surgical equipment marketplace.

For more than 35 years, this is the market that has trusted Vestshell to deliver castings that are synonymous with quality.


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