List of job openings

Vestshell Inc. is an investment casting foundry. We utilize the “lost wax pattern process” and ceramic shells to produce steel castings of the highest precision and integrity. Our customers are located throughout North America and Europe and are comprised almost entirely of Fortune Five Hundred companies.

Vestshell Inc. is a privately held corporation and has been in business in Montreal since 1964. We offer a stable work environment and are proud to report that over 20% of our employees have been in our employ for over 20 years.

We hire without regard to race, religion, culture or ethnic origin and the Vestshell Inc workforce is a true reflection of the modern Canadian Cultural Mosaic. Please know that we will be happy to consider your application for employment at Vestshell. Simply complete the employment application form that is available herein and we will try to satisfy our need for people with each applicant who wish to join the Vestshell team.


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