The unusual art of a Vestshell casting and its x-ray.


Find out who we are

Since opening our doors in 1964, Vestshell has earned a reputation for crafting precision castings of absolute product integrity and unbeatable value. With on sight participating ownership, pride in workmanship and an insightful tool application, our process yields superior product. This pride in our work and the quality of our product has become the hallmark of the Vestshell corporate identity.

Technology or art?

As holders of numerous patents, we obviously embrace appropriate technologies and their benefits. However, we believe that, at its heart, investment casting is an art that has evolved into a technology. From our senior management and staff to our tool-makers, from our furnace operators to our quality assurance team, our passion for this art translates into castings of which we are immensely proud.

Want to see the remarkable result of technology and art working in perfect unison? We invite you to visit us at our North American foundry.


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